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BRAIN Lab Projects

We investigate outcomes for stroke survivors with aphasia and their care givers who participate in Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Programs (ICAPs) and other aphasia rehabilitation service delivery models. We also explore how training in intensive stroke rehab programs impacts knowledge and skill acquisition for graduate students in the healthcare professions.

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Patient Outcomes

The BRAIN Lab explores cognitive, linguistic, and psychosocial well-being outcomes for stroke survivors with aphasia who participate in ICAPs and modified ICAPs.


Care Partner Outcomes

The BRAIN Lab explores outcomes of care partners who participate in ICAPs and mICAPs including: psychosocial well-being, communication skill and strategy use, and quality of life.

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Graduate Student Training Outcomes

The BRAIN Lab explores graduate student clinician training outcomes. We are interested in learning about how clinical training in the context of intensive aphasia rehabilitation projects impacts student knowledge and skill acquisition.


Montana Aphasia Research Center (MARC)

The MARC project is a collaboration between the BRAIN Lab and the GAB Lab (PI: Dr. Danielle Fahey) - we are collecting and storing information from monolingual and bi/multi-lingual stroke survivors with aphasia:

  • demographic information

  • stroke & health history information

  • language history and use information

  • cognitive-linguistic assessment data

  • functional communication assessment data

  • communicative participation data

  • psychosocial well-being and quality of life data

  • MRI neuroimaging scans and reports

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